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Parent Participation

At My First Gym we have developed a program for our newest and smallest members designed around their visual, audible and spatial needs. Your baby will be introduced to music, movement and rhythm in a slow and nurturing way.

Independent Gym

Stars Club Gymnastics is our first independent class. At this momentous age, children are becoming more independent and self-aware. This is a perfect age for transitioning children and reassuring them that “mommy will come back soon”.

Martial Arts

The STARS KARATE program is designed for ages 3.5 to 4.5years. This class allows children to learn the basic karate moves and disciplines while working on their self-confidence. Our STARS KARATE approach is non-competitive and nurturing as we understand children can be sensitive and nervous at this transitioning age.

Dance Class

Children will get a great work out while learning the newest dance moves. Children will strengthen their core muscles, learn rhythm and movement through fun choreographed dances.

Fitness Classes

Energizers will participate in cardio, muscle strengthening and flex flex-wrap flex-col-reverse md:flex-row ibility exercises. They will learn about the role of their muscles and how to strengthen them. This program is 3 times a week for eight weeks. It combines a 4-station circuit training course, fast paced games, basic step aerobics, kick boxing skills and yoga – all while focusing on keeping the children’s heart rate increased but at a safe cardiovascular pace.

Swim Class

This program is a swimming and water safety program for school age children. This program helps foundation, skills and building endurance. The program not only saves lives, but provides a foundation in participating in aquatic recreation, fitness and sporting activities.

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