Maximize Your Child’s Development at My First Gym

We gear each class at My First Gym to a specific chronological age and level of physical and emotional maturity. Children require varying degrees of structure and guidance at different stages of development. Our program, while encouraging your child to be free and inquisitive, will also help him or her learn to enjoy following directions and participating in structured activities. You can help your youngster develop a healthy attitude with your own example.

For Parent Participation Programs:

  • Always show enthusiasm as you participate in class. For example, during circle time get into it! You know your child gets many cues from you. You can create just the right atmosphere. You’ll see that excitement is contagious, and your son or daughter will want to share in the experience.
  • Begin introducing new stimuli each class, both equipment and other youngsters. Go slow. Try it yourself, if necessary, and show that it is safe and fun. Your child loves and trusts you and will experiment more willingly with your encouragement. Be familiar of the new stimuli we are constantly presenting in class; and, of course, show your own interest and pleasure.
  • Each child progresses at his or her own pace. If at first your child struggles with the class structure, be patient and give positive reinforcement for any accomplishment, big or small. In time, you will see your child flourish with the structured My First Gym activities.

For Independent Programs:

  • Prepare your child for class by enthusiastically talking about what he or she will be doing in class that day. For example, “I’m excited to watch you do your warm-up with the teachers today.” Your child will want to make you proud.
  • Encourage your child to try new things. Children naturally gravitate toward the familiar. Speak to your child about exploring and trying new things in class. Having their boundaries pushed in a supportive and encouraging manner is an important part of children’s overall development.
  • If at first your child has a hard time adapting to the structure, the teachers will help guide him or her through the class. If needed, the teachers will also handle any discipline issues in a manner within the loving and caring My First Gym philosophy. This is part of the learnin process and preparation for school. The teachers are always open to hearing what works for you at home and will apply it if appropriate.

If, at any time, you have a question or would like to discuss your role in your child's development and progress at My First Gym, please feel free to speak to anyone on our staff. We’re here to help and to make our new little member’s experience exciting, educational, and rewarding.


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