Comprehensive Policies

Enrollment and Tuition

  • Children’s Gym Packages: Parents can buy packages of classes and active play combined.
  • Package of 4 classes and 4 active plays, or package of 8+1 classes and 8+1 active plays (complementary 1 class and active play for the latter) – a Yearly package can be purchased at a preferential price.
  • Dance & Fitness Packages: Single or multiple class packages can be purchased.
  • There are no refunds (applicable to all services).

Online Sign Up and Make-up Classes

  • Online sign up, in advance, ensure your spot is safe. It’s easy and you earn points.
  • Please cancel your class online or email us if your child will be absent from his/her scheduled class (Early Cancel). Cancelling a class after the class has occurred will deduct a class from your package without prior notice. Please email us to make sure we can reschedule your reservation.
  • Make-ups must be scheduled by appointment and are based on availability. All make-ups must be completed prior to the agreement’s expiration date.
  • Please email the gym if you will be unable to attend a scheduled make-up. If we do not hear from you, no further make-up date will be offered for that class.

Sick Policy

  • Please keep your children home if they show any sign of illness – coughing, runny nose, rashes, etc.
  • If siblings or family members have been ill and/or your child is acting out of sorts, please keep him or her home, even if you cannot pinpoint the reason. This is often the first sign of illness and is the most contagious period.
  • For the health of our members, any children found to be showing signs of illness will be sent home. Normal make-up policy applies.

Additional Policies and Safety Guidelines

  • Dress your child in loose fitting clothing. Shorts or sweatpants work well. Please bring a change of clothes for younger children.
  • Photographing your own children is allowed. Please obtain parent’s permission prior to photographing other children.
  • When participating in class, children go barefoot on carpeted areas; parents are required to wear socks.
  • There are no siblings allowed on the carpeted area during class. Only children enrolled in the class may participate.
  • Please remember that you are responsible for watching your children at all times during parent participation classes.
  • In participating in the My First Gym program, you are acknowledging the risks involved. If your child is enrolled in an independent class, please discuss the risks with him or her prior to participation.
  • All older children must be picked up promptly, once the class has ended.
  • If a different family member, guardian, or friend will be picking up your child, please advise you’re my First Gym teacher when dropping off.
  • Do not bring food or drinks into the gym carpeted area of the gym.
  • My First Gym is a peanut-free facility. Please do not bring any snacks or food containing peanuts into the gym.
  • My First Gym cannot assume responsibility for lost or stolen articles.


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