My First Gym Gymnastics Classes

Independent Gym

3.5 to 13 years

Stars Club Gymnastics

Ages 3.5 - 4.5 years

Stars Club Gymnastics is our first independent class. At this momentous age, children are becoming more independent and self-aware.
This is a perfect age for transitioning children and reassuring them that “mommy will come back soon”. Stars Club focuses on building your child’s language development, motor skills, flexibility and agility through gym and yoga activities. Our staff practices positive reinforcement that helps your child build his/her confidence and self-image.

Stars Club is 1 hour of fun, where students develop their communication, strength, confidence, agility and coordination with yoga, games, rides, team building activities and more.

Kids Club Gymnastics

Ages 4.5 - 6 years

In this independent class our Kids Club Gymnastics members work on mastering their social, motor and language skills.

Kids Club Gymnastics focuses on building friendships, coordination, sports skills and fine and gross motor development, while having fun.

Our teachers encourage our Kids to build self-confidence by showering them with praise and positive reinforcement.
Kids Club is 1 hour of fun filled activities, where children will participate in relays, team-building games, sports, yoga and imaginative role-play.

Super Club Gymnastics

Ages 6 - 8 years

Our Super Club Gymnastics members are indeed Super! In this class children master their social, motor and language skills. Super Club Gymnastics is a 1 hour fast paced and fun filled class.
6 to 8 years
Supers play educational games, work on communicating with other children and adults, all while being a part of a team. Honesty, determination and fairness are taught while having fun.

Sports Club

Ages 5 - 9 years

This class is for our sports lovers. My First Gym has developed a sports program that allows children to experience, learn and play all that various sports.
Sports Club is a 1 hour fun filled class that introduces children to soccer, hockey, rugby, tennis, basketball, baseball and other team sports.

Athletes will work on communicating with other teammates and coaches, all while learning the rules of the game.

Honesty, determination and fairness are taught while having fun.

Energizers Fitness and Weight Loss Club

Ages 7 - 13 years

Energizers will participate in cardio, muscle strengthening and flexibility exercises. They will learn about the role of their muscles and how to strengthen them.
This program is 3 times a week for eight weeks. It combines a 4-station circuit training course, fast paced games, basic step aerobics, kick boxing skills and yoga – all while focusing on keeping the children’s heart rate increased but at a safe cardiovascular pace.

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